Launch Plan | To Kill a Unicorn

1. Utilize social media – create a buzz around the book by creating a hashtag and encouraging followers to share their excitement using the hashtag.

2. Partner with book bloggers – reach out to book bloggers to review To Kill a Unicorn and feature the book on their blog. This will help generate buzz and attract potential readers.

3. Host a giveaway – use social media to host a giveaway of signed copies of the book, which will encourage people to share the post, generating more buzz.

4. Leverage the author’s website and book landing page – ensure website and book landing page are up to date with all relevant information about the book, author, and purchase links. The more professional the website looks, the more likely people are to trust and purchase the book.

5. Engage the author’s team – encourage the author’s team to share posts about the book on their personal social media accounts, and to reach out to their networks for support.

Overall, the goal is to generate excitement around the book, and this can be obtained by leveraging social media, blogs, and giveaways, and ensuring all official channels and websites are up to date and professional. With a budget of $0-$500, creative thinking and outreach will be key to achieving success.

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