Launch Plan | To Kill a Unicorn

Engage with online book clubs and literary communities, leverage social media platforms to promote the book, conduct book signings and readings at local bookstores, and offer a limited-time discount on pre-orders for the book.

Pre-Launch Activities:

1. Establish a social media presence: Create social media accounts for the book and author on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Develop a content calendar to plan engaging posts leading up to the book release.

2. Reach out to book clubs and reading communities: Leverage online book clubs and literary communities to promote the book. Offer free advance copies of the book to selected members for review and encourage them to share their reviews on social media.

3. Build an email list: Use the author’s website and social media accounts to collect email addresses of interested readers. Send a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter that includes updates on the book, author interviews, and behind-the-scenes stories.

Launch Day Activities:

1. Host a virtual launch event: With the ongoing pandemic, a virtual launch event would be ideal. Use live-streaming platforms like Zoom to create a virtual event where the author can interact with readers and answer questions.

2. Conduct a giveaway: Offer signed copies or exclusive merchandise to those who pre-order the book. Promote the giveaway on social media and the author’s website.

3. Offer a limited-time discount: Offer a discount code that can be used for pre-orders of the book. Promote the discount code on social media and through the author’s email list.

Post-Launch Activities:

1. Conduct a virtual book tour: With the ongoing pandemic, a virtual book tour would be ideal for the author to reach readers nationally and internationally. Use live-streaming platforms like Zoom to host interviews and readings.

2. Conduct book signings at local bookstores: Organize book signings at local bookstores to promote the book locally.

3. Leverage social media platforms: Use social media platforms to engage with readers and promote the book. Conduct giveaways and offer exclusive merchandise to keep readers engaged.

4. Offer author interviews: Pitch the author to local and national media for interviews. These interviews can be used to promote the book and reach new readers.

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