Launch Plan | Start Ghetto

Social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), book launch event (virtual or in-person), influencer partnerships (with individuals or organizations that cater to the target audience)

Launch Plan:

Week 1 (08-31-23 to 09-06-23):
– Send out email announcement to the email list, introducing Start Ghetto
– Social media posts across all accounts, sharing the book cover, author bio, and a brief summary of the book’s message
– Reach out to potential influencer partners, offering them a free copy of the book in exchange for a social media post or review
– Host a giveaway on social media, where followers can enter to win a signed copy of the book

Week 2 (09-07-23 to 09-13-23):
– Release a series of graphics or short videos featuring quotes or excerpts from the book, to be shared across all social media accounts
– Schedule a virtual book launch event on social media, featuring the author discussing the book, answering questions, and offering signed copies of the book as a prize
– Continue outreach to potential influencer partners, following up on any responses or collaborations

Week 3 (09-14-23 to 09-20-23):
– Offer a bundle deal for the book, where customers can purchase both a physical and digital copy at a discounted rate
– Share testimonials or reviews from early readers on social media
– Host a virtual book club discussion about Start Ghetto, promoting it across social media and encouraging followers to join in the conversation
– Continue promoting the book through influencer partnerships, sharing any reviews or mentions from partner accounts

Week 4 (09-21-23 to 09-27-23):
– Offer a limited-time promotion for the book, where customers can purchase the digital copy for a discounted price
– Share any press coverage or interviews with the author on social media
– Host a Q&A session with the author on social media, answering any questions or feedback about the book
– Conclude the launch campaign with a final email to the email list, thanking them for their support and offering any remaining signed copies of the book for purchase.

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