Launch Plan | Black Boy, Black Boy

Partner with black-owned bookstores and promote through social media platforms targeting the black community.

Launch Plan:

1. Build excitement through social media: Use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to tease the book launch, post behind-the-scenes photos of the author, and start the conversation about black empowerment in children’s literature.

2. Leverage email list: Send an email blast to all subscribers announcing the release of Black Boy, Black Boy and provide a link to pre-order the book.

3. Partner with black-owned bookstores: Reach out to local black-owned bookstores and offer to host a virtual reading, book signing, or Q&A session with the author.

4. Run a social media giveaway: Encourage followers to participate in a social media giveaway by sharing a photo of themselves holding the book or using the book’s hashtag. The prize could be a signed copy of the book or Black Boy, Black Boy merchandise.

5. Utilize author website: Ensure that the author website is up-to-date with information about the book, links to purchase, and reviews.

6. Collaborate with influencers: Identify influencers in the black community who could align with the message of the book and offer them a free copy in exchange for a social media post or review.

7. Track success: Monitor pre-order sales, social media engagement, and book sales after the launch to evaluate the success of the campaign. Adjust future marketing efforts accordingly.

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