Facebook Post | Black Boy, Black Boy

As an expert marketing assistant, I would like to share a Facebook post for ‘Black Boy, Black Boy’ by Crown Shepherd.

‘Attention all parents, educators, and little black boys! Black Boy, Black Boy is a must-read children’s book that will change the way little black boys view themselves and their futures. This empowering book written by Crown Shepherd affirms the right of little black boys to have a future filled with endless possibilities.

Through rhythmic and melodic mantras, black boys are introduced to 11 obtainable futures, including doctors, judges, and even presidents. Each page turn features a different type of black boy who sees himself in the greatness of his future.

With vibrant illustrations, the repetitive mantra helps build reading confidence and encourages black boys to see themselves as capable of achieving anything they want in life. This book celebrates black joy and shows the world that black futures aren’t just one thing, but everything.

Join the conversation about black futures and grab your copy of Black Boy, Black Boy today!’

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