Email Sequence – May 22, 2023 6:26 pm

Email Sequence:

Email 1:

Subject: Have you ever seen something that you cannot explain?

Dear Reader,

Have you ever had a vision that you cannot understand? Do you hear thoughts that are not your own? Meet Deedra Lee, a young woman who has been experiencing such visions for years. She enrolls at the University of Washington hoping to find answers. However, things take an unexpected turn when she attracts the attention of a small group of immortals.

Join Deedra on her journey of discovery and danger as she navigates through a world where what she thought was impossible becomes her reality. Get ready for an exciting adventure packed with twists and turns in my new book, Deedra Lee: The Immortal.

Email 2:

Subject: Kaleidoscopic Dreams and Mysterious Visions

Dear Reader,

What if your dreams were actually visions of a different reality? This is the case for Deedra Lee, where her dreams are kaleidoscopic landscapes that can only be found in the northwest, places she has never been to. Deedra experiences déjà vu moments and hears others’ thoughts, which she finds confusing. But she realizes that her visions may lead her to the truth about her existence.

Follow Deedra’s journey of self-discovery as she uncovers the secrets of her strange visions. Find out what it means to be an immortal and how Deedra navigates through a world filled with danger and suspense. Experience the thrill and excitement of Deedra Lee: The Immortal as she learns to understand her powers and unlock her true potential.

Email 3:

Subject: When Immortals and Renegades Clash

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have immortality? What if there was a small group of immortals living amongst us today? Follow the story of Deedra Lee, who discovers that she was never just an ordinary human. She is being watched for her own safety by a small band of immortals who know the truth about her.

However, these immortals are not the only ones interested in Deedra. A cartel of renegades is looking for her as well, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Join Deedra on her journey as she learns to survive in a world that is not what it seems. Get lost in the exciting world of Deedra Lee: The Immortal, where the line between good and evil is blurred and anything is possible.

Email 4:

Subject: Finding True Love Amongst the Immortals

Dear Reader,

It’s not often that you find true love in a world full of danger and uncertainty. However, that is just what Deedra Lee discovers when she meets Blaine Bluestar, an immortal who knows from the moment he lays eyes on her that she is his soul mate.

Experience the romance and passion of Deedra Lee: The Immortal as Deedra and Blaine’s love story unfolds amidst danger, suspense, and intrigue. Join them on their journey as they navigate through life as immortals and find a way to protect their love from those who seek to destroy it.

Get lost in the pages of Deedra Lee: The Immortal and discover a love that transcends time itself.

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