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Subject: Introducing “To Kill a Unicorn” – An alluring mystery thriller!

Dear [Recipient],

I’m excited to introduce you to “To Kill a Unicorn” by DC Palter, an exhilarating new mystery thriller that takes you into the world of Silicon Valley startups, missing physicists, and a determined hacker.

The story revolves around SuprDupr, the hottest startup in Silicon Valley that suddenly starts losing its sheen when one of its physicists goes missing. Ted Hara, a hacker and a good friend of the disappeared entity, sets out on a quest to find his friend. However, his investigation soon takes a dangerous turn as he begins to uncover secrets about SuprDupr and its investors.

DC Palter’s captivating writing style and vivid storytelling will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. If you love mystery thrillers set in Silicon Valley, then this book is a must-read.

Don’t miss out on this compelling story. Order “To Kill a Unicorn” today and dive into the world of Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem.

Thank you for your time.


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