Stress to Strength

Stress to Stre­ngth is a practical guide for parents searching for ways to ide­ntify and overcome the burden of stre­ss in their children's lives. The­ book aims to empower families by providing actionable­ steps towards leading a more fulfilling life­style. Discover the road to fulfillme­nt by exploring the significant impact physical health can have­ on anxious youth.

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Do you or someone you know have a child overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and depression? Don’t let them suffer in silence any longer. ‘Stress to Strength’ by Colin J. Miller offers practical advice and strategies that guide readers on converting that stress into strength and resilience. Miller covers the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of physical fitness, providing practical advice and strategies to help today’s youth reduce anxiety and build strength. Provided are actionable plans to help readers identify and deal with these symptoms effectively and productively. Don’t let your child feel powerless and overwhelmed; start helping them take control of their lives. Read ‘Stress to Strength’ today and unlock the power within the future generation.


Colin Miller provides a straight-forward and no-nonsense approach at helping kids find their inner strength. I highly recommend it! ?
Marvin Grayson
Definitely a must-read! I applied the tips provided in the book and it worked like a charm! Best thing is, it didn't require much effort!
Janet Jellis
My boy sat at home all day, all night, every DAY whenever he'd come back from school. I've tried talking some sense into him but with no success. I read Colin's book, front to back, and now my son and I are closer than we ever have been. I encourage all parents to read this book, but remember, have PATIENCE!
Felix Wright
Wow, this was like an encyclopedia! ? Lot of subjects are covered in 'Stress to Strength', it was almost overwhelming. I definitely encourage parents with depressed kids to consider giving this book a shot ?
Timothy Pogman

Colin J Miller

About the Author

Stress to Strength

‘Stress to Strength' by Colin J Miller is a comprehensive guide to help parents teach their children that face Anxiety how to cope with life’s everyday challenges. Teach them how to turn stress into strength and unlock the potential of a healthier, happier life through Physical Exercise.