Red Flags: Icks, Personality Quirks, or Warning Signs?

How to Know the Difference.

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In a world where love and companionship are highly valued, it’s necessary to navigate our relationships cautiously. For many of us, the path to happiness is riddled with obstacles and painful experiences. Little warning signs sometimes pop up, waving their arms, saying, “Hey, pay attention! There might be trouble ahead!” Knowing what these signs look like can help you make more informed decisions about any relationship, whether it’s with family, friends, coworkers, or romantic partners. This book goes beyond labeling; it delves deep into the complexities of human behavior, guiding you through the maze of manipulators, liars, and the toxic, non-nurturing, self-absorbed. Learn the crucial skills to differentiate between harmless eccentricities and genuine red flags to protect, rescue, and begin healing yourself.


What a fabulous book! I wish I had this when I was dating years ago. Times have changed, and terms have changed but people have not. I also wish this was available for my daughters!
--Marlene Gross-Ackeret
The book is wonderful, and I wish I had known all this before I agreed to marry!
--Gayle Shinder
One of the things I really appreciate about this book is its practical approach. The book covers a wide range of red flags, including emotional manipulation, lack of communication, and controlling behavior, among others.
--Emily Thompson
This book's emphasis is on empowering readers. It not only highlights the warning signs but also provides practical strategies and advice on how to address them. It feels like you have a trusted friend by your side, supporting you along the way.
--Olivia Johnson

Diane Metcalf

About the Author

Diane Metcalf is an experienced advocate, speaker, and author specializing in abuse and family dynamics. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Science in Information Technology. Her professional portfolio is diverse, encompassing fields such as Domestic and Partner Abuse Counseling, Geriatric Care Management, Developmental Disability Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Information Technology Management, and Education.

She is the author of the highly praised “Lemon Moms” series, an emotionally supportive collection that dives into the effects of growing up with mothers having narcissistic traits. This compassionate trilogy provides valuable insights and guidance for coming to terms with past traumas to initiate the healing process.

Diane’s articles focusing on healing relational trauma can be found online on The Toolbox-