Reckless Goals

'Reckless Goals by Katie Rae is a funny, light, and swoony sports romance about two soccer stars that find out how reckless love can really be. But also how worth it is in the end.'

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Nothing is more reckless than falling in love….. Rhys Despite being in my mid thirties and one of the world’s best soccer players, I had never reached my main goals in life—to be a husband and a father. But after being left heartbroken and alone on the night I planned to propose to my girlfriend, I realized how reckless that goal was. Love, in general, was reckless…. In order to keep from self-destructing, I’m forced to train with college soccer star, Ashlynn Keller. She was young and naive, too caught up in her own life goals to focus on her game. We were on very different paths in life, but we found common ground on the playing field. It may have been wrong, but sparks started flying between us. And when we finally gave in to each other, we realized that being a little reckless was exactly what we needed. That is, until my ex showed up….


Oh my… So freaking obsessed!!! People might be in their hockey era… but soccer hits different… an I’m soo here for it!!! Ash is awesome…Rhys is … well he’s Rhys.. ?… the twists.. The story.. All of it.. I’m here for it all.. I can’t wait to read more by the author Katie Rae… she did NOT disappoint… And had def earned a fan!!!
Ash & Rhys made me chuckle, swoon and tear up. Hot damn, Katie packed these pages with spicy spice! Grab your fans or read near your fainting couch cuz Katie didn’t hold back with Rhys’ dirty mouth and steamy moves. With twists and turns more scandalous than an episode of Maury, Reckless Goals has it all!
I was finished with this book in a day!! I loved it! It captured my attention instantly. I loved the age gap (but duh, that is my cat nip). I loved the story, the characters. This is my very first book by Katie Rae, and it will not be my last. I have already added her books to my TBR!! I loved, loved, loved it! I'm probably going to start watching soccer more.
Courtney S.
Holy PLOT TWIST!!!! My jaw fell open. Looking back, was the foreshadowing there...yes, but this plot twist was so perfectly written, I screamed and I'm still not over it!! The communication these two shared was so refreshing and well written.
Torie Peters

Katie Rae

About the Author

Katie Rae was born in Florida where she currently lives with her husband of 19 years. She is a book obsessed beach bum that loves baseball and baking shows. She loves writing and reading to escape the craziness of daily life. Follow along as more titles are set to release. And relax–reading is what keeps us sane.

Reckless Goals

'Reckless Goals is a book about how the goals we set in our lives can be reckless if we don't leave room for those goals to change along the way.'