'Experience the Adventure of John Hollie's Journey to Find Safety in an Unpredictable World After a Devastating Tsunami'


Welcome to John’s New Place, by A. R. Shaw! Meet John Hollie, a civil engineer who thought he had it all figured out. He had just purchased a house in a prestigious, tight-knit community, and was ready to settle in and start a new life. But then, something unimaginable happened. A series of man-made actions caused tsunamis around the world, flooding the lands and taking away everything John had worked so hard for. John and the people around him had no choice but to seek refuge in the mountains, where life became safer than on the ground. But this new environment brings its own challenges, and John must find a way to survive in this unfamiliar place. Join John as he navigates through this new world in John’s New Place by A. R. Shaw. You’ll be taken on a journey of self-discovery, courage, and strength as John fights to stay alive in this new place. Ready to embark on this new adventure? Get your copy of John’s New Place today.


I just finished reading John's New Place by A. R. Shaw and I am absolutely in awe of the story. It is a captivating tale of courage and strength in the face of adversity as John navigates his way through a new world. I was completely enthralled from beginning to end and highly recommend this book to all readers.
Fiona McNeally
John's New Place by A. R. Shaw is an incredible read! It's a gripping story of survival, resilience, and hope as John and his community face a series of disasters. I found myself immersed in the story, and I was really moved by John's courage in the face of overwhelming odds. I highly recommend this book to all readers!
Carla Whiltshire
A. R. Shaw has crafted a stunning narrative of hope and courage in John's New Place. The story is captivating, and I was deeply moved by John's journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages and backgrounds.
Jennifer Hall
I just finished reading John's New Place by A. R. Shaw and I'm still in awe of the story. It's an inspiring tale of resilience and courage, and I found myself completely enthralled from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a gripping story of hope and survival.
George Williams

A. R. Shaw

About the Author

A. R. Shaw is the author of the highly acclaimed fiction novel Graham’s Resolution. A. R. Shaw is a professional writer and novelist who has been writing for over 10 years. Her work explores themes of family, love, and loss, and her writing style is both atmospheric and evocative. Her latest book, John’s New Place, is a captivating and thought-provoking fiction novel exploring the depths of family, love, and loss. Readers are instantly drawn in by Shaw’s unique and evocative writing style, creating an atmosphere of emotion and reflection. With John’s New Place, Shaw has crafted a compelling and unforgettable narrative that will linger long after the last page.

John's New Place

Welcome to John Hollie's Journey of Resilience: A Story of Hope in A.R. Shaw's 'John's New Place'