Desperate Girls

Desperate Girls is a captivating novel about young women who struggle to navigate a broken system and the therapist who helps them. Discover the determination and unyielding strength of a protector's heart in Bobbie Lou's Thrilling New Novel, Desperate Girls.


Ex-social worker-turned-therapist Jessie Logan fights to empower girls who have aged out of foster care. When the vulnerability of her clients becomes a concern, the protector steps up.

With a botched abortion, a rogue adoption agency and disappearing girls, Jessie’s nurturing statuary transforms into a battlefield Fueled by fierce devotion, Jessie embarks on a race against tie to protect her girls. In this tale of resilience, bonds are forged courage is tested as Jessie’ determination becomes the ultimate shield against an unforgiving world.

If you’re a fan of crime thrillers, then you won’t want to miss Desperate Girls by Bobbie Lou. Pick up your copy today and let the adventure begin!


The twists and turns toward the end of the book were amazing.
I was completely interested in the book from beginning to end. I can't wait to read the next book!
I really liked Desperate Girls! I thought you hit the perfect tone and approach to the subject matter. You kept things centered on the girls the whole way through. Brilliant.
What an amazing story. I was able to dive into it, and wow, I was completely submerged. Keep writing!!!!

Bobbie Lou

About the Author

Desperate Girls by Bobbie Lou is a captivating story that follows the lives of Jessie Logan, a therapist who survived a traumatic childhood, and her clients, girls who have aged out of foster care. When the vulnerability of Jessie’s clients becomes a concern, the protector in her steps up. With the help of a Detective, Lance Mason, she sets out on a journey to protect and save the girls in her care. 

Bobbie Lou’s debut novel Desperate Girls will be available in October 2023. Bobbie enjoys peeking into the lives of her characters to share their ups and downs. She has a background in psychology, which she uses to create complex and compelling characters. Bobbie is an advocate for young people and trauma survivors, and she actively supports mental health awareness. Through her writing, Bobbie Lou hopes to inspire her readers to find the courage to face their deepest fears and become the people they were always meant to be.

Bobbie Lou resides in the beautiful state of North Carolina. As an aspiring author, she channels her passions into crafting narratives that explore the intricate tapestry of human emotions. Bobbie’s writing journey has only just begun, and she eagerly looks forward to the opportunity of continuing to weave captivating stories that resonate with readers on profound levels. 

Desperate Girls

In this 1st book of The Chronicles of Iniquity Series, we learn about one woman’s determination as she fights for hope and justice. Read Bobbie Lou's new novel, Desperate Girls.