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Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, or author looking to create content faster and with less effort? Then you need Create Content With AI by Darby Rollins. This book is packed with Jasper recipes and high-level training, so you can learn to use AI to its fullest potential. With this book, you can write high-quality content faster and make your life easier. Other AI-writing tools simply can’t compete with Jasper’s sophistication, support, and online community. Create Content With AI is the solution for those who want to use AI to grow their business. Get dozens of recipes and AI-powered workflows that will help you create better content faster and get the most out of Jasper. Get your copy today and start using AI to help you grow your business!


Honestly, the investment in The AI Author was the best investment for me to get the most out of Jasper. Now I'm using it for things I would have never thought I would use Jasper for just because I know what I can do based on Darby's input and things I learned in this book AutoScripting course.
Markus Heitkoetter, Business Owner
The tools and techniques I have learned through my experience with The AI Author have elevated my game and opened new and exciting opportunities for me.
Marty Bradley, Author, Business Coach & Consultant
The AI Author has really helped me master Jasper and writing processes that have made a huge difference for me.
Deb Durham, Author and PhD in Behavior Science
I always come away from the live calls feeling super energized and inspired by what everyone else is doing. Darby's really great at helping people find solutions in real time. So if you're on the fence about joining The AI Author, there's absolutely something in there for you - come join us!
Daniela LaFave, SEO Strategist, Apparel Designer, Comic

Darby Rollins

About the Author

Darby is the leading Jasper AI consultant, Jasper’s 1st customer, and wrote the first book with Jasper. His AI-powered workflows and recipes have blazed a train helping thousands of people learn how to get the most out of Jasper while extending their writing and creativity. He founded The AI Author as the world’s premier training platform for advanced generative AI content creation education, training, and community. Darby is the host of The Scale With AI Summit and curates weekly generative AI updates, insights, trends, prompts, and more in his newsletter, GenAI Insider. Learn more at theaiauthor.com.

Create Content with AI

Create Better Content Faster with AI: Unleash the Power of Jasper with Darby Rollins' Comprehensive Guide, Create Content with AI!