'A groundbreaking exploration of black radio and its influence on American culture' Uncover the Untold Story of Black Radio and its Unprecedented Impact on American Culture with 'Black Radio: An American History' by J Thomas Smith.


Introducing Black Radio: An American History, a captivating journey into the essential contribution of Black radio in the United States. From its inception in the 1920s to its present-day influence, Black radio has played a significant role in broadcasting the African-American narrative. This book delves into the early stages of Black radio as it discusses how Black DJ imitators fooled the public while helping to popularize Black music.

The book overviews crucial Black radio pioneers, historical and contemporary, and their contributions to the industry. You will understand Payola’s impact on suppressing music preference in America. The book discusses the civil rights movement and radio’s influence. With author J Thomas Smith as our guide, we navigate through the tumultuous times faced by Black-owned radio stations and their integral place within the African-American community.

We will gain insight into the business of music, music and concert promotions, and how A Star Is Born. Explore the evolution of technology and its positive and less positive impact on the radio business. We’ll learn about the history of podcasting, satellite radio, and how the digital dashboard impacts your drive and the radio business.

The book examines radio audience ratings, broadcast sales, and the pros and cons of and prospects of radio stations adopting Ai disk jockeys operated by ChatGPT. With this book, readers will gain an in-depth understanding of the history and importance of Black radio in America. Get ready to experience an essential piece of American history that has often been overlooked.


Black Radio: An American History explores the history of African-American radio broadcasting and its role in developing African-American culture. It looks at the various music genres, the first disk jockey, the first newsmen, the first station programmed to a Black audience, the first Black-owned station, the first Black station built from the ground. It excites me to read all that is in this book!
Larry B. - Los Angeles
Black Radio: An American History is a fascinating and educational read. Smith does an excellent job of exploring the history of radio, Black radio broadcasting, and its importance to the development of African-American culture. The book perfectly connects racial bias, and its effects on the industry even today, and how radio has impacted popular music and the social fabric of America.
Beverly K. - Detroit
I highly recommend Dr. J Thomas's book "Black Radio: An American History" to be included in college telecommunications classes as it serves as a bridge for aspiring broadcasters. As a lifelong broadcaster, I found valuable historical information in the book and plan to recommend it to young interns in the industry. The book explores the contributions of African Americans in propelling Black radio into the mainstream media, and I encourage others to read and share their discoveries.
GoodBynum KJLH-Los Angeles
Black Radio: An American History reveals the history of Payola, how it affected people's music choices, and the forces that have tried to end it. The listing of Black-owned broadcasters and their ongoing problems reveals challenges in the radio business. Smith's personal stories add a special touch. His writing is captivating, informative, insightful, and thought-provoking. I highly recommend it!
Monique C. - Houston

Dr. J Thomas Smith

About the Author

Black Radio: An American History is a comprehensive look at Black radio from its inception in the 1920s through the present day. This book, written by radio historian J Thomas Smith, dives deep into the history, stories, and people shaping radio and the Black radio experience. From the broadcast of the first Black radio show to the emergence of the sixties civil rights movement, Black Radio: An American History offers a unique perspective on race, culture, and media.

Smith has been in radio his entire adult life. He has been researching and writing about the history of Black radio for several years, and his in-depth look at the medium provides a unique perspective on the role of radio in American culture. They have featured him in ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, USA Today, and other media outlets. He is available to speak at colleges and universities. Smith’s passion for radio and its influence on American culture is evident in his book, Black Radio: An American History.

Black Radio An American History

'Black Radio: An American History' - Uncover the Impact of African American Radio Stations on American Culture!