This stunning first volume in a four-book series will appeal to readers of Sarah J. Maas and Samantha Shannon.


In this booktok-inspired novel, a pair of fated lovers reincarnate for the third and final time to locate a missing heir and dethrone a king who will go to any lengths to protect his seat.


Augustus and Selene are swept into a dangerous adventure through monster-filled seas and across treacherous lands. All the while discovering why fate brought them together, and who they’ve been to each other in multiple reincarnations. Most of all, why a prophecy deems them responsible for returning the rightful king on the threat of never seeing their twenty-first year. If King Orestis has his way, they won’t see another life at all.


Opening hook is stronger than Chris Hemsworth!
Christi Barth, USA Today Bestselling Author

Misty D. Waters

About the Author

Misty D. Waters is a USA Today bestselling author and a two-time LaunchPad Prose finalist. She is a multi-genre author who specializes in stories about heart-wrenching romance, adventure, and the power of destiny. Her books often explore the complexity of relationships, both of the heart and of the soul. Misty lives in Maryland with her two boys. You can also find her writing science fiction as M.D. Waters.

A Sea of Echoes

Experience this booktok-inspired romantasy in A Sea of Echoes by Misty D. Waters