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New Book

Start your day on a positive note when you read a card from the Promises From God For Women Box of Blessings, then spend the day meditating on these truths from Scripture, and if the opportunity presents itself, share a card with a friend or a stranger.Start your day on a positive note when you […]

Living Secrets

Orphaned Lily Tso finds her parents are alive just as a dire bioterror threat looms. Teaming up with an FBI agent and a young tycoon, she faces a ticking clock and hidden enemies. Unprepared but determined, Lily embarks on a risky mission to prevent a devastating attack. Can she navigate treacherous odds to save herself […]

$100M Leads

You can get 2x, 10x, or 100x more leads than you currently are without changing anything about what you sell… This book contains the playbooks that took me from sleeping on my gym floor to owning a portfolio of companies that generate $200,000,000 per year in under a decade. Wanna know the biggest difference between […]


“Things I No Longer Accept: A Book About Self-Discovery, Self-Love, and Self-Worth” is a transformative and empowering guide that takes readers on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth. Written with a candid and introspective tone, this book serves as a roadmap to help individuals break free from limiting beliefs, embrace their true selves, and […]

Desperate Girls

Ex-social worker-turned-therapist Jessie Logan fights to empower girls who have aged out of foster care. When the vulnerability of her clients becomes a concern, the protector in her steps up. With a botched abortion, a rogue adoption agency, and disappearing girls, Jessie’s nurturing sanctuary transforms into a battlefield. Fueled by fierce devotion, Jessie embarks on […]

Northwood Meadows

The second collection of Andy Chang’s Northwood Meadows comicstrip series.

The Good The Bad & The Nugly

In a world on the cusp of embracing a misunderstood plant, “The Good, The Bad, & The Nugly” unfolds the tumultuous story of Shansan Chambers—a man undeterred by the risks and captivated by the untapped rewards of the cannabis industry. This isn’t just another rags-to-riches tale; it’s a story woven with intricacies and laced with […]


The book titled “Foolish Human” delves deep into the inherent folly and irrationality that often characterizes human behavior. It explores the myriad ways in which humans, despite their intelligence and capacity for reason, frequently exhibit behavior and make choices that appear unwise, illogical, or even absurd. Through insightful anecdotes, psychological analyses, and thought-provoking examples, the […]