My Books

Shades of Fantastic Horror
Madame Restell
Book Test 2
Magic Words
Passion Overdose
Meow Is Not a Cat
The Death of Hope
The Death of Light
The Death of Knowledge
The Bezos Letters
Dream Chasers: An Empowering Book About Making a Better World
How You Can Talk to Anyone: 7-Step Guide for Young Adults to Create Lasting Social and Professional Relationships
'The One ' A Deedra Lee Saga
Who Is a Healer
The High Life
John's New Place
Bottomless Book Sales
The Leaky Gut Code
Agony & Ecstasy-Book 3 Marcy Series
Mind of the Man-Child
The Ridiculous Adventures of Serbinand
Book of Be's: An Adult Coloring Book
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
The 4 Spiritual Laws of Money
Fall into Autumn: A Fall-Themed Activity Book
Before You Meet Your Future Husband
Ravenous Rebound
The Vintage of Love: A Second Chance Romance Novella
Pivot: Is it Time For a Change?
The Russian Riddle: Stalin's Deadly Date with Destiny
Caught Between Roosevelt and Stalin: America's Ambassadors to Moscow
The Catholic Church and Soviet Russia,1917-1939
A History of Orthodox, Islamic, and Western Christian Political Values
In the Meantime
Unlocking The Leaky Gut Code
Start, Stay, or Leave
Border Collie Christmas
The Adventures of Chet and Emily
Terminated in Topeka
This K-9 of Mine
52 Weekly Sales Meetings
The Nick Before Christmas
The Nick Before Christmas
My Laws of Success: Make Your Dreams Reality
I Think I Need Speech Therapy
The Pumpkin Princesss
Samson the Shelter Dog and His Enormous Wish
Fire Soldier
The Difference
Hallway Notes of a Gen-X Teen
Snow Days
Samson the Shelter Dog and His Enormous Wish
Stop and Think Reflective Journal
The Mystery of the Christmas Bauble
The Case of the Christmas Angel
Death under Palm Trees
Murder Makes Waves
Murder at the Races
A Matter of Love and Death
Dig Your Own Grave
The One 'n Done Series
Harboring His Mate
Unlocking the Leaky Gut Code
Five Golden Rings: A Christmas Novella
Nature Calls Outside My Window, A Collection of Poems and Stories
What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z
What can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z
Wire: Wings of Diablo
Wire wings of diablo mc
The China Pandemic
Barrow King - The Realms Book One
Barrow King - The Realms Book One
A Curse of Tooth and Claw
A Curse of Tooth and Claw
A Curse of Tooth and Claw
Accidental quarantine
Quickies: Race to the Finish Christmas Edition
Reining Embers
The Magic Moment at Midnight
The Wisdom of Hobbits: Unearthing Our Humanity at 3 Bagshot Row
Best Laid Plans
The Ring Keeper
Apostles and Prophets: Their Roles in the Past, Present, and Last-Days Church
Author Planner: Author Business Planner Made Easy
Book Reviewer Journal: Personal Reading Record and Review Journal
Slow Road to Love
Technical Writing Toolkit
Overwhelm, Stress & Anxiety. The Pressure Cooker Of Entrepreneurship
Start Ghetto: No-Nonsense Goal Setting for Self-Help Haters